Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lea Stein Vintage Jewellery

I fell in love with Lea Stein's jewellery about 11 years ago when I went to a great Vintage Fair it used to be held in Alexandra Palace! Dylan had surprised me with the broaches (that I have here)

Above are 5 brooches that I own. You can definitely see the way that the acetate is....

sculptured (3D!)
and moulded..

....and then found out that the great publishing house Schiffer had bought out a reference book on her work.....

My understanding was that she a French designer and met and married her husband Fernarn Steinberger in the 1950s. He either owned a plastics factory or knew about the manufacturing of plastics. It seemed a match made in heaven him with his practical knowledge and her with her creativity set about using a secret method of layering and moulding cellulose acetate sheets. The book details nearly all of her designs......She was able to create amazingly 3d sculptured designs.

Lea Stein designed many different types of jewellery including bangles, earrings and hair coombes using the process through to the brooches range from animals including foxes, cats, dogs, butterflies to people, bags and hats....!!! These are taken from the book!

There are certain dealers that specialise in Lea Stein Jewellery as well as bloggers..... this interesting blog is very informative,

Beware if you want to start collecting this amazing jewellery as certain high street shops have bought out very inspired cat brooches but they were not as elobarate or detailed. You will more of less know that it is a Lea Stein as her name appears on the pin. Although there are early ones have none!


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  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, very interesting jewelry, especially cats. Caosss

  3. Love the white cat with red eyes and the black cats and dogs and foxes!! All very cool. Will have to keep an eye out for these. Jx

  4. They are beautiful to wear and own!! But beware of bad copies!x